Thursday, October 18, 2018

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Stretching 2153 miles and the second longest interstate within the U.S., I-70 nearly runs coast-to-coast with Missouri at its centerpoint.  Needless to say, it is a critical part of the US infrastructure.  So, how do you demolish an existing bridge overpass without completely disrupting traffic during a busy summer weekend?  Call Structures, Inc!

Designed circa 1974, the existing structure consisted of two 88 ft. spans over the interstate with 28.5 ft. hinged spans at each end.  Due to the presence of the hinges, the demolition contractor was concerned about the sequencing of the demolition operations with regard to the overall strength and stability of the bridge.

Engaged as the structural engineering consultant for the contractor, Structures, Inc. modeled the live loads present on the bridge deck with excavators stripping away the concrete slab as they moved across the bridge during demolition.  Utilizing RISA 3-D software, Structures, Inc. engineers were able to prepare a finite element model and simulate the stresses incurred as demolition took place, resulting in an incident-free project.