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About Us

Structures, Inc. is anything but a traditional consulting engineering firm. Structural engineering is the core service we provide. But what sets Structures, Inc. apart from other firms are two key principles that the firm was founded on:

  • Responsiveness to customers

  • Constructible engineering designs


The first key principle is "Responsiveness". Being responsive means addressing a project from our client’s perspective. Structures, Inc. truly understands that maintaining a project schedule and budget is critical to our clients. Being responsive means doing what is right for our clients and making certain we are providing technical knowledge, expertise, and consistency at a fair value.


The second key principle is "Constructability". With our field experience, we understand the importance of producing designs that are constructible. So often designs are developed and construction documents are produced that “work on paper” but are difficult, if not impossible, to construct. This typically results in unnecessary hardships for the construction contractor and costly overruns for the owner.

These principles are critically important to us, the ownership of Structures, Inc., John J. Gruendler, PE, SE, President, and Roy E. Jennings, PE, Vice-President. We are passionate about being responsive to our clients and producing constructible designs and we instill these same principles in our staff of engineers, technicians, and administrative personnel.

We have developed and implemented the Structures, Inc. Quality Control/Quality Assurance (QC/QA) Manual. This manual is structured to ensure the highest level of quality in the work we produce, and foster ongoing relationships with those that we work with.

The key to the sustainability of Structures, Inc. is the establishment of long-term relationships with our clients. We have ongoing relationships with many contractors who are familiar with the value Structures, Inc. adds to a project and who routinely call on Structures, Inc. to solve challenges they encounter during construction.

We are often called upon to provide the solution that allows “the square peg to fit into the round hole.” We have a number of on-call contracts with both private and public entities. These ongoing contracts are a testament to our outstanding client responsiveness and the exceptional quality of our work.

Our mission is to provide a professional and personal level of service to our client that is second to none. Our design approach of simplicity and constructability promotes cost effective solutions.

We invite you to learn more about Structures, Inc. by visiting the History page. You may also view our Testimonials page to learn about what a few of our clients think of our work.