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Industrial Structures

Our Industrial Structures practice focuses on industrial maintenance, rehabilitation and retrofit, and new industrial structures design.

Industrial Engineer St. Louis MO

Planned outages as well as unforeseen shutdowns place considerable time constraints on facilities managers, planners and engineers.

Many times we become an extension of an industrial facilities staff by providing experienced, cost effective and constructible designs.

Whether providing engineering maintenance on an existing facility, or modifying an existing facility for new or upgraded equipment, Structures, Inc. has been a go-to source of assistance to an owner's already taxed engineering staff.

Additionally, we have considerable experience working on:

  • Seismic retrofit of existing vessel and/or tank supports.
  • New buildings and additions for your facility.
  • Upgrading your facility for OSHA requirements: Fall protection; Rating of existing trolley/lifting beams; jib cranes; lifting lugs; lifting frames; Rating of existing platforms and catwalks.

Industrial Structures Engineering Markets we serve include:

  • Power & Energy Plants
  • Chemical Plants
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Material Mining
Structures, Inc., provides engineering for Contractors in Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities for equipment lifts and moves.

Rigging Engineer | Industrial EngineerAny contractor who has ever worked in an industrial or manufacturing setting has been faced with the dilemma of moving a heavy or odd shaped piece of equipment from point A to point B. For example, how do you get a 20,000# piece of vertical pipe out of a small horizontal hole in the wall of a building? Or how do you maneuver a 30-foot-long, 60-ton feed water heater through an existing power plant across a 40-year-old concrete floor? Or how do you prefabricate an 86,000# pipe structure and temporary support frame outside of a plant, and then hoist, maneuver and set the entire unit at one time?

Engineered Rigging | St. Louis Rigging Engineer These are the types of scenarios Structures, Inc. thrives in. In fact, the more challenging, dirty or nasty the project, the more excited our staff becomes! Additionally, many times contractors present us with these engineering challenges because the EOR isn't willing to take on the job. Due to our experience in the field, we understand constructability. Communication throughout the project is paramount. From initial discussions, through written generalized concepts for installation, Structures, Inc. will make sure your ability to cost-effectively construct your project is a reality.